NewsBites - May 2012

Judges Wanted

Candidates are wanted for nearly 150 part-time judicial posts – and for the President of the Supreme Court. The part-time judges are needed for benefits appeals where there has been an assessment of incapacity and disability, in the social entitlement chamber of the First-tier Tribunal. Successful applicants will sit with a medical member and a disability member in a two or three-person tribunal. Lord Phillips retires as Supreme Court President on 30 September 2012. A selection commission has been formed to find a replacement. Candidates should be able to offer “outstanding leadership” skills and be able to represent the court in a wide range of circumstances.

New QCs of 2012

Due to an external error, Nicholas John Griffin, Jonathan Shea Kinnear, Howard Linton Stevens and Pete Francis Weatherby were all listed as taking Silk in criminal and family law in the April issue of Counsel. All, in fact, took Silk in civil and criminal law. Counsel regrets the error and is pleased to publish a correction.