Resplendent in unashamed blushing pink, readers of the new financial remedies book by Nigel Dyer QC and Juliet Chapman might be forgiven for being a little confused. Its title points towards the narrow field of asset protection and detection, but, in fact, this book provides so much more. With an in-depth analysis of almost all things financial remedy, it is more of a current financial remedy handbook post the new Family Court and the Mostyn J compliant era.

It’s bang up to date. There are comprehensive chapters on the mysteries of applying in foreign jurisdictions for enforcement and disclosure, on the proper joinder of third parties and on protecting claims against real property – including registration processes and applications. There are also two invaluable chapters that deal, among other matters, with ethical dilemmas entitled “Confidential information”, “Uses and abuses and resisting disclosure” and “Privilege and rights”. Combined, these chapters provide essential tools to the busy practitioner and are crafted in an unfussy, readable style that will make this book as attractive to post-it notes as bees to honey!

These are areas which even the most experienced sweat over and so, to have a digestible statement of the current law, is a comfort. The style is understated, but with all the detail – exactly what one associates with Nigel Dyer QC. With years of experience at the very highest level, this is a baby of which Nigel and Juliet can be rightly proud. At the back of the book there is an essential list of appendices with statutory provisions and precedents supporting the substance of the book. I predict, if not a riot, then many sales, followed by a swift transfer to loose-leaf. A highly recommended read for the fi nancial remedy practitioner and judge alike and in an attractive cover to boot. 

Charles Hale QC, 4 Paper Buildings