Behind the Five Eyes

An analysis of the Five Eyes Intelligence Organization, its continued significance in international law and order, and relevance to the Bar. By Dr Anthony R Wells

20 July 2021 / Dr Anthony R Wells

Changing the picture: diversity at silk level

Exclusive statistical analysis: Barbara Mills QC outlines how the deeply unhelpful, homogenous BAME acronym is masking the true extent and systemic nature of the Bar’s diversity problem

02 July 2021 / Barbara Mills KC

Welcome to Themis

Anogika Souresh and Adiba Bassam introduce Themis, an intersectional and inclusive alliance representing the rights and interest of all self-identifying women at the Bar 

01 April 2021 / Anogika Souresh / Adiba Bassam

The mathematics of juries

Larger juries are better than smaller juries. But how many jurors does that entail, exactly? A theoretical discussion of jury decision-making and optimal jury size 

By Matthew Butt QC and Daniel Butt 

01 April 2021 / Matthew Butt KC / Daniel Butt

The return of private prosecution

As private prosecutions become more popular, particularly in cases of fraud and deceit, here's a refresher on their workings and historical roots, by Lim Yee 

01 April 2021 / Lim Yee

Keeping Welsh JRs in Wales

Welsh judicial reviews must be issued and heard in Wales: a guide to the new regime. By David Gardner 

01 April 2021 / David Gardner

Are we nearly there yet?

Simon Rowbotham on life at the LGBTQ+ Bar since the Vaughan-Mason Study 

30 March 2021 / Simon Rowbotham

Caught in the net

Sports coaches will be caught by a change in the law that addresses the disparity in treatment for 16- to 17-year-olds, writes Cameron Brown QC 

26 March 2021 / Cameron Brown KC

CCRC: still in the interests of justice?

The Westminster Commission on Miscarriages of Justice, set up to revisit the work of the CCRC after 25 years of operation, identified serious issues that risk miscarriages of justice remaining unidentified or unremedied. 

By Edward Garnier QC & Michelle Nelson QC 

Neurodiversity in the law

We need to demonstrate a willingness to really open up our profession – providing the necessary support and encouragement beyond our statutory duty – and benefit from the traits that the Neurodiverse can bring, writes Nabila Mallick 

25 March 2021 / Nabila Mallick
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Earnings, reform and engagement

The new Bar Council earnings report presents a collective challenge for the self-employed Bar, remote hearings are changing and Bar Conference is back next month

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