The Young Criminal Bar: steps to secure our future

John McNamara  on the silvering of the profession, tumbling fees and deleterious listing practices: as the number of young barristers falls year on year, the CBA Young Bar Committee has been set up to tackle the biggest issues affecting retention

08 January 2021 / John McNamara

Resolutions to thrive by

Screen-free days, quality sleep, and other non-negotiables – ideas for making our working lives better this year 

By Victoria Wilson  

04 January 2021 / Victoria Wilson

2020 pupils, how are you doing?

What are the key concerns of incoming pupils during the pandemic and how are they coping? Advice for chambers, the 2020 cohort and prospective pupils 

By Adiba Bassam and  Shina Animashaun   

30 November 2020 / Adiba Bassam / Shina Animashaun

Enhance your chambers-solicitor relationships

All relationships take work, not least those between chambers and solicitors. Danny Chapman  shares some practice-enhancing tips (and food for thought for your next practice review) for new business generation and client retention

30 November 2020 / Danny Chapman

Mobilise your marketing skills

How the more enterprising barristers are promoting themselves; a five-pronged plan 

By Atalanta Goulandris  

30 November 2020 / Atalanta Goulandris

Secondments – worth a second thought

If you are at a career crossroads and do not know what to do next – try a secondment. More than a detour, it can help you diversify, balance work/life and gain long-term clients 

By Sunyana Sharma  

30 November 2020 / Sunyana Sharma

One Bar, two guvnors

A revolving door in the best sense, moving between the self-employed and employed Bar is relatively easy: for those considering leaving the profession, a taste of the in-house life may give cause for thought 

By Anthony Eskander  

30 November 2020 / Anthony Eskander

COVID-19 and customer due diligence

With pandemic-related fraud on the rise, Christopher Convey  explains how barristers should maintain vigilance against anyone seeking to launder criminal funds or channel monies towards terrorist activity

20 November 2020 / Christopher Convey

Opinion: Is digital transformation the answer to combatting the increasing court backlog?

For faster, smarter courts, the distinction between old and new is no longer between paper and PDF, or even between PDF and cloud-based document management systems. The distinction now lies in our approach to the latter, argues Paul Sachs  

20 November 2020 / Paul Sachs

What the Bar can learn from... trade unions on equality of opportunity

Unions aren’t an obvious port of call for those at the Bar seeking inspiration for how to widen access and develop talent but we have a number of challenges in common, writes Ijeoma Omambala QC 

11 November 2020 / Ijeoma Omambala KC
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