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Your guide to the information security questionnaire

The questionnaire has landed. Sam Thomas walks barristers through the ten areas covered by the questionnaire; this is your opportunity to assess your cybersecurity and provide reassurance to clients

08 August 2022 / Sam Thomas

Neurodiversity and pupillage recruitment

Surely diversity of thought at the Bar is a good thing? Why are chambers shoehorning all applicants for pupillage into the same mould? Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin looks at the diagnostic gap and neurodiversity in pupillage applications

05 August 2022 / Roxy Lackschewitz-Martin

New legal ventures: Dual specialisation

‘Parallel practitioner’ Kemi Ojutiku explains how she balances work as a civil and commercial arbitrator alongside her specialist family law practice

01 July 2022 / Kemi Ojutiku

New legal ventures: In good company

Tahina Akther on why she diversified; what it takes to set up an ABS (including the tricky parts); and how to make it work on a practical level 

01 July 2022 / Tahina Akther

New legal ventures: Entities – the Bar’s juiciest secret?

With their intellect, business acumen and reputation, barristers can create a genuine legacy and saleable asset. So what do you need to know before diving into the entity/ABS pool? Chelsea Sparks and Michaela Hardwick explain... 


Making an impact on social mobility

Fiona Fitzgerald shares Radcliffe Chambers' social mobility strategy, the only chambers to be featured in the Social Mobility Foundation’s Employer Index  

01 July 2022 / Fiona Fitzgerald

Leaders in waiting: part 2 – confidence

Nikki Alderson's confidence strategies for career success, including how to develop a positive mindset and overcome rejection 

01 July 2022 / Nikki Alderson

The Advocacy Podcast

More eye-opening advocates’ tales are shared in this fascinating podcast series – Justin Tadros, Bibi Badejo, Alex Cameron and Antonia Eklund summarise the key themes emerging from season 2


Your CPS application: making the grade

Jo Martin QC and Berenice Mulvanny explain how to get the grading you deserve in your upcoming CPS Advocate Panel application 

01 July 2022 / Jo Martin QC / Berenice Mulvanny

Gender non-conformity at the Bar

Drawing on personal experience, this article by Alex Benn discusses being gender non-conforming at the Bar. It hopes to help those who may not be familiar with the topic. It also hopes to encourage those who want to practise at the Bar without limiting themselves to the two boxes of the traditional gender binary

01 July 2022 / Alex Benn
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Taking stock, taking care

It’s been a particularly hectic period in both the political sphere and our working lives 

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