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Public debate about private matters

As the ground-breaking Family Court reporting pilot is extended across England and Wales, Lucy Reed KC sets out the long path to greater transparency in the Family Court, cultural shifts and progress to date 

19 February 2024 / Lucy Reed KC

GHRH: human rights for girls

Sultana Tafadar KC and daughter Safiyah have co-founded Girls Human Rights Hub to help girls develop the essential advocacy, leadership and litigation skills to advance gender equity and eradicate gender-based violence 

19 February 2024 / Sultana Tafadar KC

Copyright protection in the online world

With AI models the subject of litigation worldwide, courts are grappling with what copyright protects, what it should  protect, and how. Mark Wilden reports 

19 February 2024 / Mark Wilden

Stolen treasures

Deaccession, repatriation and the British Museum thefts. By Fahrid Chishty and Natalia Ameen 

19 February 2024 / Fahrid Chishty / Natalia Ameen

A ‘10K Black Interns’ experience at the Bar

Championing underrepresented talent, 10K Black Interns 2024 is open for applications. Mentee Tendai Chiguvare and mentor Anna Walsh share their experience of the summer internship scheme at the Bar 

19 February 2024 / Tendai Chiguvare / Anna Walsh

Tackling knife crime

Youth violence is a public health issue and it will only get worse without positive intervention, argues Stephen Akinsanya 

15 January 2024 / Stephen Akinsanya

The justice of artificial intelligence

The UK can be proud to have hosted the Bletchley AI Safety Summit but there is so much more to be done to make AI safe, secure and trustworthy, say Robin Allen KC and Dee Masters 

15 January 2024 / Robin Allen KC / Dee Masters

AI: new frontiers in clinical negligence

Should healthcare practitioners be liable where treatment assisted by AI goes wrong? Robert Kellar KC explores the ways in which AI is reshaping the practice of medicine and clinical negligence law 

15 January 2024 / Robert Kellar KC

Letby and court reporting today

Do court reporters still play an important function in our legal system, and should the profession care that they are disappearing? Chloe Ashley interviews the journalist Liz Hull to find out 

15 January 2024 / Chloe Ashley

Spain, machismo and #MeToo

Spain’s #SeAcabó movement highlights a problematic past entrenched in machismo and misogyny, as well as its gender-based violence today, reports Christina Warner 

15 January 2024 / Christina Warner
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A busy start to the year

Some positive news on fees after sustained Bar Council and PIBA efforts, Bar’s stance on AI and a new-look Bar Conference 2024

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