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Criminal Bar: why it’s more than ‘just another strike’

A reminder of what’s at stake. By Stephen Akinsanya

15 August 2022 / Stephen Akinsanya

Returners, movers and talent retention

During a career break, you don’t lose skills, you build on them! Juliette Levy outlines the TRWG’s campaign to attract returners and movers, boost confidence and promote the cognitive diversity they bring

12 August 2022 / Juliette Levy

The perils of public statements by counsel

Should counsel be allowed to express a personal opinion about their cases in public, when they cannot do so in court? asks Patrick O'Connor QC

11 August 2022 / Patrick O’Connor QC

Sexual violence and harassment at school

‘Assume there is a problem’ – Nicola Braganza QC and Grainne Mellon consider best practice and what schools should do when faced with a report of peer-on-peer sexual assault or harassment

11 August 2022 / Nicola Braganza QC / Gráinne Mellon

Find your allies, advocate for change

Adiba Bassam describes the everyday experience of being a junior female barrister and why we all  need to challenge problematic practices – especially if they don’t affect you 

01 July 2022 / Adiba Bassam

Human rights from East-West perspectives

As the government begins its ‘overhaul’ of human rights, Professor Surya P Subedi QC looks at the wider and historic context and how Eastern and Western civilisations and values have contributed to their development 


The gross nebulous legal void in medical, drug and food related deaths

The drive for factual tests has not made the task of determining liability any simpler, write Dr Felicity Gerry QC and Dr Oliver Quick


Why every business needs to care about the menopause

It’s an inevitable life stage for over half the working population, so why – still – the stigma and disregard? Sally Robertson on the impact on business and equality, and the arguments for making the menopause a specific protected characteristic

01 June 2022 / Sally Robertson

Return the running of legal aid to lawyers

Structural change brought decline in the quality of legal aid at the same time as the cost tripled – it’s time to return the administration to lawyers, argues Anthony Speaight QC 

01 June 2022 / Anthony Speaight QC

Robotics – the future of surgery

The future of robotics in surgery is likely to hinge on what it enables – does the legal system yet have the tools to protect patients? Conor Dufficy and Finn Stevenson investigate 

01 June 2022 / Conor Dufficy / Finn Stevenson
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Taking stock, taking care

It’s been a particularly hectic period in both the political sphere and our working lives 

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