Do we need protection from data protection?

Do we need protection from data protection? asks David Taylor as he warns barristers of their duties under the Data Protection Act 1988. Barristers and their chambers can... read more


Privacy injunction applications are to be formally monitored under a pilot scheme launched by the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger.The scheme was first proposed by Lord Neuberger’s super-... read more

Neuberger reports on superinjunctions

Superinjunctions and anonymised injunctions should only be granted where “strictly necessary”, should be kept under review and cannot be granted permanently, Lord Neuberger’s committee has reported. read more

Westminster Watch - June 2011

Is anything private anymore? Charles Hale and Toby Craig investigate… Did you hear the one about the ‘luvvie actor’, ‘family man footballer’ (or possibly several of them)... read more

WikiLeaks, Whitehall and Whistleblowers

Following WikiLeaks, Shonali Routray examines the position of UK civil servant whistleblowers. Are there safe routes for whistleblowers to raise their concerns rather than having to rely on anonymous... read more

A secure environment

Tony Shaw QC and Clive Freedman discuss the draft Guidelines on Information Security and Government Work read more

The Changing Role of the Press

Siobhan Grey discusses the Gray’s Inn Seminar on press freedom and the Select Committee Report “Press Standards, Privacy and Libel” The incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into... read more

“Super-injunction” Committee

The Master of the Rolls has set up a committee to examine the issues around injunctions that bind the press, including “super-injunctions”. read more

Privacy law clarity

The judicial balancing act required in cases involving competing human rights has created a “fundamental shift” in the way courts “do things”, Mr Justice Eady has said. Opening City University’s new... read more

Celebrity rights and the database State

Desmond Browne QC argues that the law of privacy should provide equal protection to both private citizens and celebrities In recent months there has been much debate whether we have gone too far in... read more