Human Rights

Same Sex Marriage

What’s In a Name?Hassan Khan and Claire Fox argue the case for same sex marriageThe government’s proposals In March 2012... read more

Death Row in Uganda

When Graeme Hall was asked to coordinate a project on death row in Uganda, he expected the prisons to be desperately depressing places. Little did he realise that the court room could be... read more

Barefoot Lawyer

internationalBarristers are invited to take part in a barefoot campaign as an act of solidarity with lawyers imprisoned or murdered simply for carrying out their professional duty. ... read more

Making a difference

Lucy Perman explains the work of theatre company Clean Break. Clean Break uses theatre to change the lives of women offenders. We were founded 33 years ago by two women in... read more

Global Friendship - The buddy scheme at work in Zimbabwe

Chairman of the Young Barristers’ Committee David Nicholls and  James Evans of the COMBAR Africa Committee report on their visit  to the Law Society of Zimbabwe’s Summer School in Nyanga... read more

An Interview With...Senator David Coltart

Graham Howard recounts his recent interview in Zimbabwe with the country’s minister of Education, Sport and Culture, Senator David Coltart. “Zimbabwe’s economy, although... read more

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Iain Morley QC looks at the Special Tribunal and how it is helping end political assassination in Lebanon. On 14 February 2005, at 12.55hrs, in downtown Beirut, the largest... read more

The Silent Voices…

When will immunity end for the human right violators? Sumon Akter investigates the situation in Nepal. The internal conflict in Nepal saw many Nepalese fall victim to the... read more

Justice Without Politics?

John Cammegh looks at the the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal and asks: Reconciliation - or revenge? The development of international criminal tribunals over the... read more

Forced Marriage (January 2012)

Lynne Townley and Samir Pasha consider the impact of recent legislative and policy initiatives aimed at discouraging the practice of forced marriage Forced marriage is defined as “a marriage without... read more