Criminal law – Harassment. The claimant, Halcyon, was operated by B out of a premised used by L. The business of Halcyon was, essentially, to be run by B, to provide her with a job and an income, but with her mother and her brother having a financial interest in the business. In 2010, B incorporated another company and some of Halcyon's customers transferred their business to Mint. B ceased to hold any issued shares in Halcyon, her shares being transferred to her mother. There were two actions before the court, in the first action, Halcyon brought an action contending that Mint had acquired the business of former clients of Halcyon by misuse of confidential information of Halcyon; in breach of implied terms of the contracts of employment of B and M, the second defendant. In a second action, B, as claimant contended that various steps had been taken to manoeuvre her out of Halcyon which amounted to harassment. The Queen's Bench Division, considering the law on fiduciary duties and harassment dismissed both claims.