Damages – Measure of damages. The claimant's husband (the deceased) had suffered from, inter alia, pulmonary hypertension caused by chronic pulmonary emboli. Prior to his death, the deceased had consulted the defendant doctor on a number of occasions with regard to his health condition. The deceased had been concerned over the quality of advice received by the defendant and commenced proceedings against him, which were continued after the deceased's death by the claimant. Subsequent to proceedings being issued, the defendant had admitted liability that his discounting of a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and the consequential failure to prescribe Warfarin amounted to clinical negligence by him. The instant case concerned the award of damages to the claimant. The Queen's Bench Division awarded sums of compensation for general damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenities, bereavement, loss of earnings, and the cost of two consultations the deceased had paid to the defendant. The total amount awarded exceeded £16550 with interest.