Immigration – Asylum – Persecution based on concealment of political and religious belief. Court of Session: Refusing an appeal by an Iranian citizen, a Sunni Muslim of Kurdish ethnicity, whose asylum claim based on the risk of persecution because of his ethnicity, religion, and political opinion was refused, and whose appeals to the First Tier Tribunal ('FTT') and Upper Tribunal were dismissed, the court did not accept that there was any misdirection in law in the FTT's reasoning, or that irrelevant factors were taken into account, or that relevant factors were left out of account, or that conclusions were reached which no fact-finding tribunal, properly instructed, could have reached; it was relevant, in assessing future risk on return in the context of a claim of persecution based on concealment of political and religious belief, to have regard to the absence of political and religious activity in the country of refuge, and each case must be decided on its own facts.