Personal Injury: Quantum Case. Clinical negligence claims: Diagnosis. PSLA of £68,000 with total damages of £300,000. As a result of a delay in diagnosing and treating *** cancer in July 2012, the cancer significantly progressed and is terminal. The claimant found a small lump in her right *** in April 2010. Investigations revealed no significant abnormality. In July 2012, she reported a small lump in the left *** to her GP. Radiology show the lump was a cyst. It was later revealed that the ultrasound scan had been interpreted incorrectly and should have shown changes in the edge of tumour. The claimant was diagnosed with Grade 3 cancer. Investigations showed there was metastatic spread and a terminal prognosis. The claimant contended that but for the delay in diagnosis, she would have made a full recovery.