Education – Additional support needs – Discrimination arising from disability. Court of Session: Refusing an appeal against a decision by the Additional Support Needs Tribunal for Scotland in response to a claim by the mother of a teenage child with a severe disability arising from autism spectrum disorder who contended that the relevant education authority failed to make reasonable adjustments in respect of the child's education in terms of the Equality Act 2010; such failures amounting to discrimination on the grounds of disability, the court held that the tribunal did not err in its findings that where a pupil, in consequence of disability, had additional support needs such that she required a co-ordinated support plan ('CSP'), then the failure by a responsible body to provide a CSP or the provision of a CSP which was inadequate was unfavourable treatment in terms of s 15 of the 2010 Act (discrimination arising from disability) and adversely affected how the responsible body provided education for the child in terms of s 85(2)(a).