Financial services – European Union. The Court of Justice of the European Union gave a preliminary ruling, deciding that arts 41(1) and 44(1) of Directive (EC) 2007/64 of the European Parliament and of the Council, read in conjunction with art 4(25) of that Directive, had to be interpreted as meaning that changes to the information and conditions, provided for under art 42 of that Directive, and the changes to the framework contract as well, which were transmitted by a payment service provider to the user of those services through the electronic mailbox of an online internet banking website, might not be considered to have been provided on a durable medium within the meaning of those provisions unless the following two conditions were met: (i) that that website allowed the user to store information addressed to him personally in such a way that he might access it and reproduce it unchanged for an adequate period, without any unilateral alteration of its content by that service provider or by another professional being possible; and (ii) if the payment service user was obliged to consult that website in order to become aware of that information, the transmission of that information had to be accompanied by active behaviour on the part of the provider aimed at drawing the user's attention to the existence and availability of that information on that website. In the event of the payment service user being obliged to consult such a website in order to become aware of the relevant information, that information was merely made available to that user within the meaning of the first sentence of art 36(1) of the Directive, when the transmission of that information was not accompanied by such active behaviour on the part of the payment service provider.