Employment law – Equal pay – Validity of job evaluation study ('JES'). Court of Session: Allowing appeals by two groups of a local authority's employees against a decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal ('EAT') upholding a decision of Employment Tribunal ('ET') that the authority's JES was valid in terms of s 1(5) of Equal Pay Act 1970 and that there were no reasonable grounds for suspecting that it was otherwise unsuitable to be relied on in terms of s 2A(2A)(b), the court held that the burden of proving that the JES was valid and compliant with s 1(5) of the 1970 Act rested on the respondent, the absence of independent expert evidence meant that it failed to discharge that burden, the ET's decision in that regard displayed an error of law, and the EAT's decision to uphold that decision also amounted to an error of law.