Calling all earth lawyers

A vital role for all lawyers: protecting the planet and bringing about the Rights of Nature through the creation – and enforcement – of an ecosystem of legal interventions at the international and local level 

By Paul Powlesland 

19 January 2022 / Paul Powlesland

The pupillage Hunger Games?

May the odds be ever in your favour, writes Emma Fielding... A follow-up to Ishan Kolhatkar’s article (and the Twitter debate it sparked) on how to solve the problem of pupillage supply and demand

07 January 2022 / Emma Fielding

Déjà vu? The Criminal Bar in 2021

The court backlog, remote hearings and exodus of criminal advocates due to poor remuneration are all linked – and so must be the solutions, writes HH Nigel Lithman QC

25 November 2021 / HH Nigel Lithman QC

Ending gender-based violence: how the Bar can get involved

As the Global 16 Days Campaign launches, Celestine Greenwood explores the role the Bar can play in tackling gender-based violence – every day of the year

25 November 2021 / Celestine Greenwood

At the foothills of online court reform

Dropping hearings into Zoom is not the end game, writes Professor Richard Susskind OBE

09 November 2021 / Professor Richard Susskind OBE

Deception and decriminalising virus transmission

A public health or criminal issue? The law on deception remains unclear and unresolved, write Professor Felicity Gerry QC and Professor Matthew Weait FAcSS


To cap or not to cap, that is the question

Should we cap numbers coming to the Bar? Or help them make data driven decisions? asks Ishan Kolhatkar 

05 October 2021 / Ishan Kolhatkar

The Nightingale COVID-19 response

Evaluating the temporary courtrooms and remote hearings set up to support the justice system through COVID: how should we deliver justice now and onwards? asks Lorna Cameron

05 October 2021 / Lorna Cameron

On the brink of collapse? The family law system in 2021

The family law system is in crisis and a failure to recognise it as such demeans the Herculean efforts of all involved, writes Celestine Greenwood, an exhausted family practitioner

23 September 2021 / Celestine Greenwood

DPAs for the masses: the rehabilitative approach

Politicians 'getting tough on crime' should note two pioneering, results-based, rehabilitative schemes in Durham and Hertfordshire which are slashing reoffending rates, write Tori Adams and Siân Beaven

01 September 2021 / Tori Adams / Siân Beaven
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