The perils of public statements by counsel

Should counsel be allowed to express a personal opinion about their cases in public, when they cannot do so in court? asks Patrick O'Connor QC

11 August 2022 / Patrick O’Connor QC

Return the running of legal aid to lawyers

Structural change brought decline in the quality of legal aid at the same time as the cost tripled – it’s time to return the administration to lawyers, argues Anthony Speaight QC 

01 June 2022 / Anthony Speaight QC

The UK response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis

Should Ukrainian refugees claim asylum in the first safe country they reach? Colin Yeo takes a look at the rights of entry under the international system carefully established by the Refugee Convention versus the UK’s blunt alternative – the Nationality and Borders Bill

11 May 2022 / Colin Yeo

Replacing the Human Rights Act

How did we get from a deep and sensible Independent Human Rights Act Review to a simplistic and self-defeating ‘modern bill of rights’?

11 April 2022 / Professor Nicola Barker

Same-sex marriage in the Caribbean: winds of change?

The recent Privy Council decisions in respect of same-sex matrimonial rights in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda have been met with largescale disappointment. Are there any positives on which to build? asks Tim Prudhoe

07 April 2022 / Tim Prudhoe

Why Prince Andrew settled

John J Burke, an American defence counsel recently transferred to the Bar of England and Wales, offers an insight into why Prince Andrew was wise to avoid sitting for a deposition which would have been a high-stakes gamble

01 March 2022 / John J Burke

LGBTI rights and the Privy Council

Are British judges sitting in the Privy Council hindering the progress of human rights in the Caribbean and Latin America? asks Dr Leonardo Raznovich

01 March 2022 / Dr Leonardo Raznovich

Déjà vu? The Criminal Bar in 2022

The court backlog, remote hearings and exodus of criminal advocates due to poor remuneration are all linked – and so must be the solutions, writes HH Nigel Lithman QC

14 February 2022 / HH Nigel Lithman QC

Proactive intelligence gathering – is the SFO missing a trick?

It is clear from the SFO’s recent prosecutorial struggles that there is a need for change, say Nicola Shannon and Katie Jones

10 February 2022 / Nicola Shannon / Katie Jones

The Privy Council and the Commonwealth

Colonial anachronism or the highest and most independent legal expertise? A case for constitutional change or a continued and complementary role for the Privy Council? Desiree Artesi analyses the arguments

31 January 2022 / Desiree Artesi
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