DPAs for the masses: the rehabilitative approach

Politicians 'getting tough on crime' should note two pioneering, results-based, rehabilitative schemes in Durham and Hertfordshire which are slashing reoffending rates, write Tori Adams and Siân Beaven

01 September 2021 / Tori Adams / Siân Beaven

The ICC, the Rome Statute and crimes against the LGBT community

Mind the gap: Christina Warner looks at LGBT+ protections, legislative ambiguities and chinks in the ICC framework

25 June 2021 / Christina Warner

Grenfell: lessons learnt

On the fourth anniversary of a tragic fire that claimed 72 lives, Sailesh Mehta outlines four key lessons 

14 June 2021 / Sailesh Mehta

Meaningful sanctions and priority action

Ensuring the sanctions guidance is fit for purpose is just one of the many challenges that confront women at the Bar, writes Francesca O'Neill

11 June 2021 / Francesca O'Neill

Exploited and convicted: restoring 'good' character

How do we correctly acknowledge victimhood in our criminal justice system? asks Nicholas Hall 

03 June 2021 / Nicholas Hall

Professionally Embarrassing

Malvika Jaganmohan and Madeleine Whelan's family law podcast doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics... 


Modernising the Family Court on domestic abuse

For the first time in 20 years the Court of Appeal reviewed the Family Court’s failure to address the impact of rape, domestic abuse and coercive control on victims’ and children’s lives, writes Charlotte Proudman

31 May 2021 / Dr Charlotte Proudman

Vulnerable parties: two cheers for UK judges?

Welcome and profound amendments to the CPR’s Overriding Objective landed in April: but why so little fanfare or consultation with groups affected? asks John Horan 

11 May 2021 / John Horan

'Kill the Bill'

Dissent and protest are a healthy safety valve for every democracy, write Sailesh Mehta and Caroline Baker, yet recent events have put the proposals around policing public protest under the spotlight – and many do not like what they see 

08 April 2021 / Sailesh Mehta / Caroline Baker

Where now for the legal aid Bar?

Barristers gave stark evidence on the sustainability of the publicly funded Bar to the Westminster Commission on Legal Aid, reports Rohini Teather 

01 April 2021 / Rohini Teather
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