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Proactive intelligence gathering – is the SFO missing a trick?

It is clear from the SFO’s recent prosecutorial struggles that there is a need for change, say Nicola Shannon and Katie Jones

10 February 2022 / Nicola Shannon / Katie Jones

Project Afghanistan: immigration counsel needed

Immigration specialist Ramby De Mello offers some crucial tips to barristers interested in making applications to help Afghans find a route into the UK

10 February 2022 / Ramby de Mello

The Privy Council and the Commonwealth

Colonial anachronism or the highest and most independent legal expertise? A case for constitutional change or a continued and complementary role for the Privy Council? Desiree Artesi analyses the arguments

31 January 2022 / Desiree Artesi

Bringing [Dis]Ability to the Bar

Mary Prior QC meets the founders of BDABar, Konstantina Nouka and James Ekin, who are determined to improve accessibility, support and inclusivity at the Bar, and dismantle the barriers that disabled aspiring barristers face and how we perceive their disabilities 

24 January 2022 / Mary Prior QC

Calling all earth lawyers

A vital role for all lawyers: protecting the planet and bringing about the Rights of Nature through the creation – and enforcement – of an ecosystem of legal interventions at the international and local level 

By Paul Powlesland 

19 January 2022 / Paul Powlesland

The pupillage Hunger Games?

May the odds be ever in your favour, writes Emma Fielding... A follow-up to Ishan Kolhatkar’s article (and the Twitter debate it sparked) on how to solve the problem of pupillage supply and demand

07 January 2022 / Emma Fielding

Race at the Bar: the time is now

This is our stand up moment: Barbara Mills QC and Simon Regis on the landmark report’s key findings and what the Bar must do to remove the systemic obstacles faced by many barristers from ethnic minority communities

07 January 2022 / Barbara Mills QC / Simon Regis

The Young Bar in 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for the Young Bar, writes Joanne Kane

23 December 2021 / Joanne Kane

Barristers’ working lives 2021

The 2021 survey of barristers’ working lives explores the lived experience of working as a barrister – and you want change! 

By David Wurtzel 

23 December 2021 / David Wurtzel

The Online Safety Bill

Gavin Millar QC takes a look at the Bill aiming to prevent harm to internet users in the UK, the extent of its interference with freedom of expression, and how the big tech platforms are likely to respond

16 December 2021 / Gavin Millar QC
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