Tracy Ayling KC

Tracy Ayling KC

Tracy, 2, Bedford Row, was Called in 1983 and took Silk in 2006. Tracy’s defence work ranges from corporate fraud to representing those charged with gang-related violence and sexual offences. She recently defended in the Operation Bullfinch “9 Oxford Men” child sex exploitation case at the Central Criminal Court. Tracy is a member of the Advocacy Training Council and sits on the Rook Working Group for the Development of Advocacy Training for Cases Involving Sex and Vulnerable Witnesses/Defendants.

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Practise what we preach

Tracy Ayling QC, an Inner Temple Advocacy Trainer, explains the new and necessary way of cross-examining vulnerable witnesses and the training available to advocates to help them to follow the rules.

It is true that there are some excellent and informative CPD courses at the end of every year. It is possible to collect your points whilst trying to assimilate rafts of cases and notes, delivered to you by experts in the field. How much of it you retain may be open for debate.

28 March 2014
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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