Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward is Business Development Director and Co-Founder of The Barrister Group. He has been an advocate of improved access to justice and the use of technology at the Bar for over 20 years. The Barrister Group's specialist and other practice groups are supported by multiple award-winning systems, including Chambers 365, and embracing the potential of AI to further improve access to justice and the level of service provided to its current and future barrister members.

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Aligning AI with access to justice

The Bar stands to gain by aligning its use of AI with improvements in access to justice and our working lives, write Harry Hodgkin and Stephen Ward

11 September 2023
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Capturing the market’s imagination

Entrepreneurship and collaboration: Stephen Ward explains why “innovative” thinking around public access isn’t the real starting point

I have been to far too many conferences lately that urge legal professionals – particularly the Bar – to be “innovative” in order to survive in the modern legal world. 

20 July 2015
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Chair’s Column

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A busy start to the year

Some positive news on fees after sustained Bar Council and PIBA efforts, Bar’s stance on AI and a new-look Bar Conference 2024

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