Rupert Jones

Rupert Jones

Rupert Jones is a criminal and media barrister at Citadel Chambers on the Midland Circuit.

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Firearms and fury: The rise of gun crime in the UK

The case of the antique firearms dealer who exploited legal loopholes reveals that gun control in the UK is not nearly as tight as we may think. By Rupert Jones

01 June 2018

Rise of the lawbots

While the courtroom is still the preserve of the human advocate, lawbots are shuffling into legal services elsewhere. Rupert Jones puts the market leaders to the test

02 November 2017

CBA champion

How to protect the profession from withering away when fees and career prospects are so limited? Rupert Jones talks to the determined Francis FitzGibbon QC about priorities for his term

What do you want to achieve as CBA head?

21 November 2016

Simon says

An interview with Simon Thornton-Wood by Rupert Jones of Citadel Chambers.

Simon Thornton-Wood is head of education and training at the Bar Standards Board. He’s not a lawyer, in fact, he previously worked for the Royal Horticultural Society, but says that experience helps him in his role: “It puts me in the sorts of shoes that barristers are in, having the intellectual confidence to pick up whole new subject areas with a brief and approach it with a fresh mind.”

02 September 2014
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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