Ross Talbott

Ross Talbott

Ross, a member of Lamb Building, London, is a specialist junior in heavy-weight criminal allegations, particularly those with an international aspect.

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21st Century Slavery

Slavery and trafficking are now the leading and most profitable international criminal enterprises, outstripping both drugs and fraud. Lewis Power QC and Ross Talbott explore the problem and the steps being taken against these crimes.

Today’s human rights abusers commonly hide behind entrenched cultural idiosyncrasy. Barbaric acts of stoning, the death penalty and child executions are said to have been carried out under the guise of cultural essentialism. Such arguments are even used to facilitate the rule of undemocratic regimes where parliament is powerless, the rule of law non-existent and corruption rife. With globalisation, the visibility of human rights abuses has increased worldwide due to escalation in cross-border economic, social and cultural activity. It is therefore vital that each and every nation or state claiming to respect the rule of law and human rights acts immediately to combat the colossal problem of contemporary slavery.

21 February 2014
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