Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson is a legal sector business consultant. He was 12 years a chambers director. He worked in two renowned sets, experiencing a very broad range of legal practice, has been a member of the Executive Committee of the LPMA for 10 years and its Co-Chair for the last two, was a member and Vice-Chair of the Bar Council’s Bar Representation Committee, attended Bar Council General Management Committee meetings and, most recently, has chaired the Bar Council, LPMA and IBC COVID-19 Working Group. He has provided Bar Council training in chambers’ governance and financial management and has spoken on change management at the Bar Conference. Prior to working for the Bar, he had senior operations-management roles in professional services companies and several years’ experience of policy and strategy roles working with government departments. He was also a soldier.


Articles by this author


Working without benefits… part 2

Has the Bar yet made it to the ‘best employers’ list? The concluding part of Robin Jackson’s guide for chambers’ leaders, thinking of the next staff salary round

11 April 2022

Working without benefits… part 1

Part one of Robin Jackson's two-part guide for chambers’ leaders, thinking of the next staff salary round

09 March 2022

Ch-ch-changes in chambers

Is ‘a set of chambers’, in its current form, the best or only model? This is the time to acknowledge the elephants in the room and make some bold and creative decisions, writes Robin Jackson

28 July 2020

When the dust settles: how to plan for other bad times after Covid-19

COVID-19 is, now, a unique event in the modern economy, but that doesn’t mean something similar won’t happen again. As we continue to adjust to the current crisis, here's Robin Jackson's list of 10 key things to keep in mind for the future

16 April 2020

The business of chambers and how to invest for success

How to compete? Members’ success can hinge on practice staff ‘getting it right’ and, preferably, being better than your competitors’ team. So soft skills training makes sound sense...

22 August 2019

Somewhere over the rainbow

Why is there almost no provision for R&D at the Bar? Are we even bothering to look for innovation? Surely we should be helping to incubate the happy little bluebirds of the future, invest in LawTech, and make survival a given

19 March 2019

21st century chambers management

Is the chambers model fit for the 21st century? Robin Jackson reviews The Independent Bar, a book offering a best practice blueprint for how a set of chambers works – or should work – in today’s competitive legal world

06 May 2018

Decisions, decisions

Is your chambers constitution the weakest link? Advocates for corporate change, Robin Jackson, David Barnes, Catherine Calder and Nick Rees explain how to re-structure for maximum decision-making effect

05 October 2017
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