Rachel Spearing

Rachel Spearing

Rachel was Chair of Wellbeing at the Bar from 2014-18 and is Convenor of the Wellness for Law Forum. She is a barrister at Serjeant’s Inn practising in criminal and regulatory law.

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Trauma risk

Legal professionals face potentially traumatic events every day. This year’s Wellness Forum on 21 June turns to the military, police, medical services and CPS to learn how we can better manage the risks we face at the Bar


30 May 2019

Wellbeing 2019

21 January 2019

Wellbeing forum: building a resilient profession

This year’s wellbeing one-day forum features top legal wellbeing researchers and practitioners sharing inspiring initiatives within their workplaces at the Bar. A must-attend for barristers wanting to adapt and respond to today’s challenges, writes Rachel Spearing

28 June 2018
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Conference call

Inclusive and interactive, this year’s main Bar event offers something a little bit different, as Rachel Spearing explains

05 October 2017

Re-wiring the law

Rachel Spearing introduces the UK’s first Wellness for Law Forum

March saw the launch of a new initiative to support ongoing work to improve health and wellbeing at the Bar. 

25 April 2017

Wellbeing at the Bar

Rachel Spearing reviews the results from the Bar Council’s first survey of the wellbeing of the profession

The Bar, by its very nature, is a stressful place to work, regardless of Call, practice area or status and we are all aware of the levels of stigma associated with displaying any sign of weakness. 

26 May 2015
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Chair’s Column

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Time for change and investment

The Chair of the Bar sets out how the new government can restore the justice system

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