Lynne Townley

Lynne Townley

Lynne Townley is a barrister and lecturer on the BPTC at City Law School, University of London. She is the Chair of the Association of Women Barristers. Twitter: @Lynne_Townley.

Articles by this author

Lessons from the Spanish flu and other pandemics

Lynne Townley and John Clifford take a look at how the sometimes competing concerns of public safety and open justice were met during previous pandemics

28 July 2020

Bar sustainability: zero tolerance

Inequitable briefing, power play, a culture of fear... age-old problems that can have a devastating impact on retention rates. The Association of Women Barristers sets out six measures to maintain the gender balance and enable staying for silk 

By Lynne Townley and Nikki Alderson

13 March 2020

Advocating for change: interview with Laura Hoyano

From Northern Alberta to Oxford: the pioneering contribution of a Canadian barrister to legal scholarship, practice and public policy in England and Wales. Interview by Lynne Townley

14 February 2020

The great disclosure debate: surviving a perfect storm

Rebuilding confidence in disclosure in criminal cases: a consideration of the recent failures and how they can be avoided in future

26 February 2019

Not (yet) glass shattering

Given today’s judicial recruitment crisis it couldn’t be more urgent that the Bar keeps its best candidates for Silk and beyond, writes Lynne Townley, with tips from a recent clinic getting barristers QC-application-ready

31 August 2018
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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