Lucy Reed

Lucy Reed

Lucy is Chair of The Transparency Project. Lucy is also a barrister at St John’s Chambers, Bristol and the writer of the Pink Tape blog www.pinktape.co.uk. She tweets as @familoo

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My transparency journey: Lucy Reed

We have a lot to learn from those who have lived their lives under the scrutiny of the family court. One of the first family law bloggers, Lucy Reed looks back on the past 14 years

13 September 2021

A barrister’s view from splendid self-isolation

Lucy Reed shares a page from the self-isolation diary, the early days: adapting to a completely new working environment and coping with the unexpected presence of the kids at home

16 April 2020

A barrister’s view from splendid self-isolation

A telecon court hearing, a completely altered work environment and the unexpected descent of the kids at home - an account by Lucy Reed

23 March 2020
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How to dress the court—and yourself

A rough guide for pupils on the more informal rules and idiosyncratic mannerisms of the Bar: the legal Twitter hive mind sifts the daft and defunct from the customs that really matter, distilled by Lucy Reed

18 December 2019

LASPO Review and the Family Court

Worth the wait or too little too late? The review is frank, wide-ranging and lengthy but the action plan 
has little to offer family justice, law and practice

30 May 2019

Blogging from the family courts

Legal bloggers can attend family court hearings on a similar footing to journalists thanks to a new pilot scheme. Lucy Reed reports on the practical and ethical issues raised

21 January 2019

Debrett’s* guide to social media for lawyers

Legal Twitter is a thriving, positive and influential community but even lawyers can get themselves into hot water if they don’t observe the netiquette. A guide to the do’s and don’ts by early adopter Lucy Reed

28 September 2018

Public trust and confidence: it’s good to talk

In the aftermath of recent disclosure failures, John Warboys release and the case of Poppi Worthington, being able to talk openly is absolutely critical if we are to repair confidence in the justice system, argues Lucy Reed

20 February 2018

Letting facts get in the way

Lucy Reed introduces The Transparency Project, an initiative to correct sensationalist and lazy journalism and encourage healthier debate about the law

Lawyers and journalists are skilled in the construction of a coherent story from facts. 

25 July 2017

Family keystone

Lucy Reed meets Philip Marshall QC, whose self-effacing Twitter profile belies the breadth and challenge of his task as Chair of the Family Law Bar Association

I meet Philip Marshall QC in his chambers in King’s Bench Walk on a hot June day.

25 July 2016
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As we look ahead to Justice Week 2022, the sustainability of the Criminal Bar remains a critical issue for the government to address

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