Lord Justice Briggs

Lord Justice Briggs

Sir Michael Briggs is a Lord Justice of Appeal and Deputy Head of Civil Justice. He was the judge in charge of the Chancery Modernisation Review in 2013. He has been the Personal Support Unit liaison judge since 2013.

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Court-led path to certainty

With such legal uncertainty in the financial markets, how can the courts assist? Lord Justice Briggs explains the ‘certainty principles’ slowly gaining ground and efforts to mitigate the complex snakes and ladders

Modern, sophisticated economies are becoming increasingly vulnerable to legal uncertainty, which can affect the financial markets in two main ways.

25 April 2017

The Online Court

Lord Justice Briggs addresses the Bar on the implications arising from his civil courts review

21 March 2016
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Justice for all; a mighty cause

In the battle of ideas and values which the maintenance of the rule of law involves, lawyers remain in the frontline

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