Dr Jeremy Robson

Dr Jeremy Robson

Dr Jeremy Robson is an Associate Professor of Law at De Montfort University and Academic Tenant at KCH Garden Square in Nottingham. He researches issues relating to language and law and criminal evidence.

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Identification by voice (2)

The challenges of voice ID: in the second of a two-part series, Dr Jeremy Robson and Dr Kirsty McDougall examine the methods and risks of forensic voice comparison

20 March 2024

Identification by voice (1)

In the first of a two-part series on the challenges of voice ID, Dr Jeremy Robson and Dr Harriet Smith advise practitioners to treat evidence from a witness claiming to recognise someone by their voice with extreme caution

14 December 2023

Perceptions of ‘accent prestige’

With speech at the core of what barristers do, how much does ‘accent prestige’ persist among the public and at the Bar? Is this blocking best talent? Jeremy Robson and Natalie Braber report on a year-long research project examining attitudes to barristers' accents

23 January 2023
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The Chair of the Bar sets out how the new government can restore the justice system

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