Dr Felicity Gerry KC

Dr Felicity Gerry KC

Dr Felicity Gerry KC is at Libertas Chambers, London and Crockett Chambers, Melbourne. She is also Professor of Legal Practice at Deakin University. Felicity is well known for her four-year project on Women in Prison for LexisNexis and for taking sentencing appeals for mothers involved in financial crime.

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Is the UK criminal justice system failing women?

Why criminal law is a battlefield for women – inspired by Mary Seacole, Dr Felicity Gerry KC calls up lawyers, judges, politicians, the police and media to work bravely for the change that women need in criminal justice

08 March 2023

Financial crime and pregnancy in prison

In all but the most serious of cases, should there be a presumption against sending a pregnant or perinatal women to prison? ask Dr Felicity Gerry KC and Dr Lucy Baldwin 

05 December 2022

The gross nebulous legal void in medical, drug and food related deaths

The drive for factual tests has not made the task of determining liability any simpler, write Dr Felicity Gerry QC and Dr Oliver Quick

01 July 2022

Forensic archaeology, ad hoc counsel and ethics in the ICC

Testing vulnerable evidence pre-trial in the gravest global crimes represents a unique and risk-laden investigative opportunity requiring care, skill and scrupulous conduct. Professor Felicity Gerry QC, Sarah Day and Abi Carter discuss the ethical issues

11 February 2022

Deception and decriminalising virus transmission

A public health or criminal issue? The law on deception remains unclear and unresolved, write Professor Felicity Gerry QC and Professor Matthew Weait FAcSS

08 October 2021

Jogee – how OSA works

Five years on, how the post-Jogee law of accessorial liability is working in practice and the position of those ‘on the periphery’. By Professor Felicity Gerry QC, Dr Beatrice Krebs and Oliver Renton

11 May 2021

Felicity Gerry QC: 25/25 vision

To mark 25 years at the Bar, Counsel asks the silk known for poking the system with a sharp stick for her career highlights, the global challenge post-Jogee and thoughts for the future

23 September 2019

Opinion: Next frontiers

Can feminist strategies transform women’s experience of the law? How female lawyering and feminist judgments can bring positive change

01 January 0001
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