Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve

Dominic is a barrister and has been the MP for Beaconsfield since 1997. Shadow Attorney General from 2003-09 and Shadow Home Secretary from 2008-09 and Shadow Justice Secretary Of State 2009-10, Dominic was the Attorney General for England and Wales and the Advocate General for Northern Ireland from May 2010 until July 2014.

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Brexit’s Gordian Knot

Deciding how we Brexit is not within the government's gift, argues Dominic Grieve QC MP. No Parliament worth its name can abandon input into the biggest and most complex constitutional change in modern times. Discussion is vital

16 December 2016

A backward step?

The government’s present proposals to replace the Human Rights Act 1998 are seriously flawed, says Dominic Grieve QC MP

24 August 2015
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Business 101: Follow the Rule of Law

Celebrate the reach of the Rule of Law at the Global Law Summit, a world-class debate, discussion and networking opportunity, writes the Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP.

There are few areas where Britain is stronger than in the law. London, and in particular the City of London, has been recognised across the world for many centuries as a centre of trade, commerce and finance.

12 January 2015
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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