David Josse QC

David Josse QC

David Josse QC is a Vice-Chair of the Bar Council International Committee and Head of Chambers at 5 St Andrew’s Hill (5SAH). He specialises in extradition, human rights, and international war crimes. David spent five years at the ICTY defending in two lengthy trials. Firstly, representing a leading Bosnian Serb politician charged with genocide and ethnic cleansing and secondly, a General facing a variety of allegations relating to the Srebrenica massacre.

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Expanding horizons in criminal law: opportunities for international law practice

Practical advice for anyone considering a career in international criminal law, distilled by David Josse QC

11 April 2022

When the trial’s a stage

David Josse QC discusses Slobodan Praljak’s dramatic death

20 February 2018
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As we look ahead to Justice Week 2022, the sustainability of the Criminal Bar remains a critical issue for the government to address

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