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Andrew Walker KC

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The future of our inheritance

In his last column as Chair of the Bar, Andrew Walker QC laments the consequences of fading memories and political expediencies

28 November 2018

Friends, colleagues, competitors – one and the same

With all due respect: are we placing enough value on one other? Andrew Walker QC on why it’s time to reboot collegiality in robing rooms and courts

29 October 2018

Take pride in what others see

Embrace tradition, celebrate our legal inheritance and cement the Bar’s global reputation: Andrew Walker QC looks forward to the Opening of the Legal Year

28 September 2018

New faces; old challenges; and short change for justice?

With Justice Week and the Spending Review ahead, Andrew Walker QC has high hopes of the Bar’s own AG and DPP – but Whitehall is not accounting for justice

03 September 2018

A range of experience, but common heritage

Four-Bar linkage: Andrew Walker QC on the value of support from fellow Bars in our quest for decent legal aid provision

29 June 2018

Our future, our fight(s)

Putting the weight of the whole profession behind the Bar’s key causes, Andrew Walker QC highlights this month’s areas of concern

01 June 2018

Fixing the shattered system

The future of the criminal Bar and of criminal justice are inseparably intertwined. The fight is for both, writes Andrew Walker QC

30 April 2018

Public understanding and the value of justice

If we want to raise the value and funding of justice, more barristers talking directly to the public is key, argues Andrew Walker QC

03 April 2018

The value of a strong and independent legal profession

Protecting endangered lawyers and the rule of law: Andrew Walker QC underlines the growing concerns and global initiatives

20 February 2018

Passing the justice parcel

What are the consequences for the rule of law, judicial independence and court reform, asks Andrew Walker QC

Clarke 28; Grayling 32; Gove 14; Truss 11; Lidington 7.

23 January 2018
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Justice at the polls

The Chair of the Bar launches a Manifesto for Justice as campaigning gets under way

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