Alexander Gunning KC

Alexander Gunning KC

Alexander is a silk at 4 Pump Court with a broad commercial practice, but with particular experience in international arbitrations
concerning energy projects. He is a member of the Commercial Bar Association’s Contract Terms sub-committee.

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Divided opinions

Alexander Gunning QC examines the COMBAR/CLLS terms and considers the basis of assumption of liablities.

It is around eighteen months since a combination of regulatory changes resulted in barristers commonly contracting with solicitors for the provision of their services. Opinions remain divided over whether the switch to contracting has been to the benefit of the Bar. In this article I provide a brief description of the COMBAR/CLLS terms and address two of their more important aspects: the basis for payment and the assumption of liabilities.

10 July 2014
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Earnings, reform and engagement

The new Bar Council earnings report presents a collective challenge for the self-employed Bar, remote hearings are changing and Bar Conference is back next month

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