The International Professional and Legal Development Programme 2012 completed

The Bar Council has now completed its 2012 International Professional and Legal Development programme. The programme was established by the International Committee with the support of the Bar Council Scholarships Trust and a number of Specialist Bar Associations (SBAs) in 2009. Under the programme, barristers under seven years call can apply for financial assistance to participate in international legal events of their choice which contribute to their professional development. The programme aims to encourage more junior barristers to gain an international perspective on legal issues and help them thrive in an increasingly global legal market.

The programme has proven to be very popular amongst the junior Bar. Over the past year, many junior barristers have participated in a range of international activities as a result of the grant, including visits to the US Supreme Court, the Singapore Law Society’s conference on ADR and an Inter- Pacific Bar Association Conference in India.

Support from SBAs has also steadily increased, making the grant programme available to a greater number of barristers. In 2012 the programme was supported by COMBAR, CBA, FLBA, LCLCBA, PIBA, TECBAR, and the Northern Circuit. All SBAs and circuits were invited to join the 2013 programme in November. The Bar Council Scholarship Trust has agreed to continue to fund the programme in 2013, giving junior barristers the opportunity to participate in international events.

There will be three application deadlines in 2013. Applicants must be members of participating SBAs and under seven years call. Further information is available on the Bar Council website at