COMBAR, the Bar European Group, the Criminal Bar Association, the London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association (LCLCBA) and TECBAR have joined forces with the Bar Council’s International Committee to offer their members of 7 years call or less, who are in employed or self-employed practice, financial assistance to participate in international legal events and conferences which contribute to their professional development.

The grant aims to encourage more junior barristers to participate in activities which will give them an international perspective on legal issues and hence help them thrive in an increasingly globalised legal market.

The first of this year’s selection rounds has taken place with six barristers being awarded grants to support them to participate in a wide range of seminar and training events taking place in the USA, Greece, France, Uganda and Portugal.

Two further application rounds will take place this year with deadlines for application on June 25th and October 29th. For more information and directions on how to apply for the programme please contact International Projects Officer, Sarah Richardson