Having already issued two consultations on the principle of what role barristers should be able to play in these new structures, the BSB is now conducting a survey of all barristers, clerks and practice managers to establish appetite for the opportunities created by the reforms. This is your chance to register your interest in the new business structures that the Act permits and to influence what other elements of the current Code of Conduct should be relaxed to enhance the services that individual barristers can offer.

It is vital that the BSB understands what barristers want and expect in the future and how important it is to barristers that the BSB remains their primary regulator in any new structures that may be permitted. There would be little point in the BSB’s undertaking entity regulation if it is not wanted or needed by those whom it regulates. It is therefore essential that the survey achieves a good response.

The survey is being administered by YouGov (a leading provider of consumer and public opinion research), who have already contacted all barristers to invite them to take part in the survey. If you have not received an invitation, please contact Chris Nichols at the Bar Standards Board (CNichols@barstandardsboard.org.uk) who will be able to send you one.