Stress at the Bar

Stress remains the most common reason for calls to LawCare, the advisory and support service for the legal profession.

Of the 378 case files opened in 2012, 42 were for barristers. Nineteen barristers (45 per cent) called about stress; 10 (24 per cent) about depression, seven (17 per cent) about alcohol; one (two per cent) about drugs; and five (10 per cent) were listed as “other”.


Of those who cited a reason for their problem, 44 per cent said financial problems were to blame for their stress, depression or drinking; 16 per cent blamed workload; 16 per cent blamed relationship problems; 12 per cent bereavement; and the remaining 12 per cent cited ethical or disciplinary issues. The male/female split of callers was near 50 per cent, with 19 female barristers and 23 male barristers.

The LawCare helpline is 0800 018 4299 or see