Speaking at the Employed Barristers’ Committee (“EBC”) conference in June, Melissa Coutinho, the EBC Chair, said: “Over the last ten years the percentages of pupillages available at the employed Bar have fallen even more starkly than those at the self-employed Bar. 
“Changing rules and regulations and a lack of understanding have contributed to this situation more than economic pressures. Clarifying misunderstanding of the current position among employed barristers is a task that I have agreed to undertake in my role as chair of the EBC.” 

Employed barristers took part in workshops on ethics and mediation, and learned about the skills and abilities needed for judicial office, at the half-day conference. They also debated how to improve advocacy training, and ways to increase the number of pupillages.
Coutinho added: “There is much more to be done in terms of reaching out to potential employers and chambers who should be more prepared to work together in recognising the benefits of one Bar.” (See also the October issue of Counsel.)