The Services Framework Directive (“the SFD”) (2006/123 EC), which aims to simplify and enhance the cross-border provision of services within the EU, for the benefit of both the consumer and the service provider, entered into force on 28 December 2009. As regards its application to the legal profession, successful lobbying by the Bar and other representatives of the profession during its EU legislative passage, ensured that the directive is complementary, but without prejudice, to the existing lawyers regime, i.e. the Lawyers’ Services Directive (77/249/EEC and the Lawyers’ Establishment Directive (98/5/EC). Accordingly, the SFD imposes some simplification of the administrative procedures and is intended to improve the accessibility, quality and quantity of information available, both to providers and users of legal services, but should not otherwise interfere with the existing regime. The SFD has been implemented into UK law by the Provision of Services Regulations 2009. See: