We have also been in contact with the central team dealing with security policy and guidance at HMCS. HMCS has in place systems to monitor security incidents at court and they are urging stakeholders to report all incidents, no matter how minor. This will ensure that they can establish a comprehensive picture of the level of conflict and potential violence and this will enable them to review what provisions can be put in place to mitigate or eliminate this actual or potential threat to court users.

Each court has an official who is designated to lead on security matters. Sometimes they will have the title of Local Security Officer and sometimes their role will be subsumed within the larger role of Local Accommodation Manager. In order to ensure incidents are appropriately reported and dealt with, barristers are asked to report all incidents to security at court and, if it is a serious incident, it is suggested that the barrister speak with the court manager. It would be most helpful if all such reports are also brought to our attention (janbye@barcouncil.org.uk).