The event was held in conjunction with the Moscow City Chamber of Advocates (“the MCCA”) and was the first of a series of joint events planned between the International Committee and the MCCA further to the Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the two organisations in February.

The roundtable meeting was chaired jointly by the Chairman of the Bar Council, Nicholas Green QC, and the Chairman of the International Committee, James Dingemans QC. Representatives of the Bar Council (James Dingemans QC, Victoria Oakes and Rupert D’Cruz), the MCCA (Petr Barenboim, Alexander Pashinskiy, and Elena Kataeva) and the Frankfurt Bar Association (Dr Rudolf Lauda, CEO of the Frankfurt (a.M.) Bar Association) participated in the discussion, which covered:

  • The History of “The Rule of Law” and “Rechtstssaat”;
  • Aspects of “The Rule of Law” and “Rechtstssaat” (including legal concepts, political aspects and international aspects); and
  • Mechanisms for the protection of “The Rule of Law” and “Rechtstssaat”.

Following a fruitful discussion that identified many areas of similarities (and some differences) the International Committee and the MCCA agreed to produce a joint paper on this subject. The two organisations also plan a further roundtable event in Russia on these issues following the completion of the joint paper.