All pupils are required to undertake the practice management course during their pupillage and are strongly advised to do so during their non-practising period of pupillage. A pupil who has not satisfactorily completed the practice management course will not be issued with a full qualification certificate and so will not be eligible to commence practise as a barrister until the course has been completed. The forensic accounting course can be undertaken either during pupillage or during a barrister’s first three years of practice.


Completion of pupillage

Pupils who have recently completed pupillage should ensure that they have submitted their certificate of satisfactory completion, together with their completed pupillage checklist, to the Bar Standards Board and that they have completed the pupillage courses. Until you have complied with these requirements, you will not be eligible for a full qualification certificate and will not be entitled to practise other than as a pupil.

Please contact: Rachel Reeves