The goal of the campaign is to raise £30,000 of regular funding for the PSU. The PSU not only benefits individual litigants in person and the administration of justice, but it provides significant benefits to the profession itself:
  • PSU volunteers make hearings more manageable for counsel appearing against litigants in person, and for judges who have litigants in person before them
  • PSU volunteers can help litigants understand the role of opposing counsel, thereby reducing the likelihood that complaints may be made, and
  • The PSU provides invaluable experience and training to Bar students and potential pupils.
The PSU does not offer legal advice and representation, but students learn a significant amount about court procedures, techniques, and how to deal with clients through discussions with litigants, ensuring that they are prepared for court and organising their bundles. The PSU has already trained over 500 aspirant barristers and will soon be providing court experience to over 100 students each year.

The Chairman of the Bar, Peter Lodder QC, and the Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, are encouraging chambers, individual barristers, and other Bar organisations to sponsor this worthwhile organisation that is in need of funding. The Bar Council has got the ball rolling with a £5,000 donation.

To sponsor the PSU, please contact Angela Foskett, Chairman of Friends, or Natalie McNamee on 020 7073 4760 or at or visit