Lawyers donated more than £28,000 in less than a week to support refugees fleeing Syria after an employment Silk re-launched his billable hour campaign.

Sean Jones QC, from London’s 11 KBW, started a campaign last year for lawyers to donate a sum matching their hourly rate to Save the Children, after seeing the picture of the lifeless body of the little boy, Alan Kurdi, that shocked the world.

Following the example of a group of teachers, Jones set up an online Just Giving website that raised more than £200,000.He decided to run the campaign again this year, which at the time of writing had raised more than £38,000.

He said: ‘One year on, press attention has moved on, but the suffering is worse. Lawyers understand better than many that big problems take patience and constant application. They are used to seeing things through. The need is still there and the goodwill and generosity is too.’

Jones added: ‘We’re expecting it to be tougher this year, as media and public attention are focused on other issues including Brexit, but the best thing about lawyers is that you know you can rely on them.’

He praised colleagues including Penelope Warne, the senior partner at City firm CMS Cameron McKenna, and barristers Gerard McDermott QC, Philip Marshall QC and Simon Myerson QC, who have helped with the campaign.

The Inns of Court have also backed the first Wig & Gown 5k run, which is being planned to raise money for the appeal.