We at OneLaw Chambers believe that we have weathered the storm and have successfully overcome the challenges we faced in adapting to this new era of modern legal service provision using technology and innovative techniques while maintaining our core values of honesty, passion, credibility, and exceptional client care.

OneLaw Chambers’ application of the Kaizen approach to provision of legal services

At OneLaw Chambers, we adopt the Kaizen approach and strive to continuously improve the way we operate and provide our legal services both to solicitors’ firms and the wider public. We ensure that our legal services are provided in a safe and efficient way without compromising the quality and success of our work.

We have implemented a safe and accessible environment for both our staff and clients, who now have the flexibility of working from both home and the office. Remote telephone hearings initially posed a real challenge for one of our barristers because of the constant struggle to find a quiet space at home with young children. Our solution was to alternate who goes into the office so that the barrister with a hearing always had a quiet room to themselves. The wellbeing of our members are taken very seriously and we aim to make everyone feel supported in adapting to these changes.

Above all else, protecting our client’s health is our utmost priority, this is why we chose to substitute, whenever possible, face to face meetings with Zoom, Skype or telephone consultations and attended mediations via Skype. All subsequent communications were done virtually to ensure our clients were involved at every stage of their case. We are embracing the digital world with open arms because we believe through technology, access to justice will become easier, cost effective and safer for everyone during this global pandemic and in its aftermath.

OneLaw Chambers: a world class legal service

At OneLaw Chambers, we have a dedicated team of solicitors and barristers offering a wide range of legal services with our core practice areas being immigration, civil litigation and court advocacy. Based in Temple, London but acting for clients from all over the UK and abroad, our London law firm has quickly gained a reputation for providing the best-in-class legal services. Our Barristers and Court Advocates can quickly grasp the legal issues in your case, provide you with the best and effective legal advice on the strengths and merits of your case and provide you with the best court representation to achieve successful results. For more information about our services, visit our website at www.onelawchambers.com.

Working together and in collaboration with OneLaw Chambers

OneLaw Chambers offers a unique opportunity for solicitors and barristers to work together in a collaborative role to provide clients with access to lawyers with broad expertise and legal skills that are best suited to an individual or company’s needs. We also regularly work with direct public access barristers providing expert litigation and administrative support so that our barristers can focus on what matters most - the law.

We are continuously growing and welcome applications from solicitors and barristers and those who aspire to be solicitors and barristers with opportunities to forge new relationships and develop a successful practice for themselves. We put you in control of your career goals and work with you to help you achieve them. To join us, please visit Expert Solicitors and Barristers.

Our success and what people say about OneLaw Chambers

Our commitment to providing quality legal advice and personalised client care is demonstrated in our success stories and testimonials. Here's what one satisfied client had to say about OneLaw Chambers:

'Wonderful and excellent service. Always very courteous on any matter we have worked on together... exceptionally professional, friendly, ready to attend to your call at anytime of the day... go beyond the call of professional duty to ensure client’s satisfaction... Highly recommended...10/10 no doubt👍👍👍👍' - 4 November 2020.

Contact ONELAW CHAMBERS: OneLaw Chambers, located in the heart of London’s legal district in Temple, Central London, is a multi-disciplinary law firm that prides itself in being an accessible, user-friendly and innovative legal service with a network of specialist members of qualified London solicitors and barristers in independent practice. If you would like more information or to meet our team, please email us at advice@onelawchambers.com or call us on either 0207 489 2044 or 0208 616 1819.

Published on 21 December 2020