• Consultation on shaping a statement of policy on compliance and enforcement powers Consultation
    closes – 5pm, 26 October 2009

  • Designating new approved regulators and approving rule changes: Discussion paper on developing rules to approve applications for designation as an approved regulator and to approve changes to the rules of approved regulators
    Consultation closes – 5pm, 13 October 2009


    Upcoming consultations

    Expected before the end of September:

    • Consultation on guidance to Licensing Authorities on the content of licensing rules
    • Consultation on the LSB’s rationale for its approach and an outline methodology to assess regulatory performance
    • Proposals for consultation on regulatory performance accreditation with a view to consulting later in the year
    • Report on proposed next steps for the rules on the internal governance mechanisms in Approved Regulators


    Expected October-December:

    • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
    • Consultation on a Policy Statement regarding Alternative Business Structures
    • Details of the LSB’s approach to measuring regulatory performance
    • Publication of the Rules on enforcement and disciplinary arrangements
    • Publication of the rules on approval of ARs and rule approval mechanisms
    • The internal governance rules and rules under section 51requiring ARs to comply with those rules from 2010 onwards

    We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to participate in these consultations by making submissions. The LSB will be acting on the results, which will affect how the profession operates in the future. Details are available on the Legal Services Board’s website www.legalservicesboard.org.uk