Law Reform Lecture and Essay Competition 2009

The Law Reform Committee essay competition 2009 was won by Tom Cleaver with his essay “Modernising the Law of Markets and Fairs". Second place went to Liam Loughlin for his entry "Reforming the Law Concerning Physician Assisted Suicide". The winner of the CPE category was Thomas Hope with his entry “Bringing Some Sanity to the Insanity Defence" and runner-up CPE entry was James Hamerton-Stove with “Shifting the Burden in English Defamation Law”

The competition - generously sponsored by the Bar Council Scholarship Trust -was open to pupils, law students, CPE and BVC students and entrants were asked to write an essay of not more than 3000 words making the case for a law reform that is desirable, practical and useful. Prize winners were announced and prizes presented at the Law Reform Lecture on 17 November, by Lord Hoffmann who gave an interesting and stimulating lecture on the topic " Reforming the Law of Public Authority Negligence". A transcript of Lord Hoffmann’s speech, and the winning entries in the essay competition, are available on the Bar Council website