Judge Johann Kriegler delivers second Annual International Rule of Law Lecture

JUDGE Johann Kriegler made the keynote address at the second Annual International Rule of Law lecture hosted by The Bar Council. A former Appeal Court and Constitutional Court Judge in South Africa, he was Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission which presided over South Africa’s first elections based on universal adult suffrage.

In a speech entitled “The rule of law in post-colonial Africa: A British legacy?”, Judge Kriegler discussed the Rule of Law and how this is influenced by the Bar, its traditions, and its ethical standards. Fifteen years after South Africa emerged from the shadows as a model constitutional democracy committed to the Rule of Law, Judge Kriegler set out his thoughts on the progress it has made in relation to major political forces and the public at large. He discussed how the UK can assist South Africa in preserving the Rule of Law in its former colonies in Africa. Commenting on the Lecture, former Chairman of the Bar Tim Dutton QC said:

“I am delighted that Judge Kriegler, who has a distinguished career as a lawyer and judge in South Africa, is able to deliver our Annual Rule of Law Lecture. It is a privilege to have someone of such stature addressing us on what is a vital issue. The Bar’s contribution to the Rule of Law, particularly in countries which are young democracies, cannot be underestimated. I anticipate a fascinating lecture delivered by a judge who has been pivotal in the upholding of the Rule of Law in democratic South Africa.”