The International Law Book Facility is a UK-based registered charity. It has a simple goal – to provide printed legal texts to legal professional bodies, advice centres, pro bono groups, law schools, institutions and individuals involved in access to justice in common law jurisdictions of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The International Law Book Facility is seeking old editions of core legal texts that will make an impact. If you still have an old edition of a book that you think may be a text that is useful, please check the ILBF booklist (available at to see if it is one of our preferred titles. Please note: the ILBF cannot accept texts that are not on our list: please only send us our preferred titles.

To donate your old edition, simply send it by DX or post to:

International Law Book Facility
DX 149121 Canary Wharf 3
10 Upper Bank Street
London E14 5JJ
For any queries please email: