The UK Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has now published the results of the consultation and held a stakeholder workshop, address by the Minister for Trade and Consumer Affairs, Gareth Thomas MP, at the end of June. The precise implementation of a number of provisions of the Directive is still under consideration, namely those on the quality of service and mutual assistance between competent authorities. Moreover, the design and implementation of the “Points of Single Contact” (the information portal through which a service provider should be able to get all the relevant information it needs about providing services in another Member State; which would include e.g. lawyers from other Member States becoming members to the Bar) is still the subject of more detailed consultation with competent authorities. The BSB, supported by the International Secretariat, will be working closely with BERR and the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the regulatory burden on the Bar is no more than necessary in the public interest. The deadline for implementation of the Directive is December 2009.