The model is designed to raise awareness of the quality issues that arise at the Bar through a series of worked excercises and is drawn from the practical experience of applying equality and diversity policies in chambers.  The course is accompanied by written information on the equalities legislative framework and sessions are aimed at providing a brief introduction to the diversity compliance requirements that affect the Bar.

The training sessions lasts for one and a half hours and attracts one and a half hours CPD.  It is run monthly from the Bar Council and is free.  If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please contact Angela Campbell (

Dates for 2011 are:

Monday 17 January
Wednesday 16 February
Thursday 17 March
Thursday 28 April
Wednesday 18 May
Monday 27 June
Wednesday 13 July
Monday 19 September
Thursday 20 October
Tuesday 22 November
Thursday 1 December